Our real fruit & protein smoothies:

Contain no HFCS
Are naturally gluten free & 99% fat free
Contain no artificial sweeteners
Contain no artificial colors
Contain 50% fewer calories than a traditional smoothie
Contain 50% less sugar than a traditional smoothie
Are sweetened naturally with fruit sugars and stevia

​Nutritional Information

Our Smoothies are HFCS free, 99% fat free and gluten free.
Our Smoothies contain fewer calories and fewer grams of sugar because the flavors are partially sweetened with all natural stevia.
Our Smoothies are  free of artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and soy.
Our smoothies contain fructose, also known as fruit sugar. Eating fructose causes a significantly lower rise in blood sugar than eating an equal amount of sucrose (table sugar) or other simple sugars.

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