by Taylor Wellness

"Thanks to my dad, since I can remember I've had a ball in my hands while playing some kind of sport. Whether it was basketball, softball, golf, tennis, volleyball, etc. At a young age, the value of being outdoors, physical exercise, and the consistency & hard work it takes to develop a skill was instilled in me. I attribute my physical health to diet, consistent movement & exercise, and being outdoors. A few years ago, as I was going through a dark time, yoga came into my life. Since then, the traditional practices of yoga, meditation, & essential oils have grown on me as I've experienced the benefits over time & have become non-negotiables for me today. Today, they serve as my physical, mental, and spiritual exercise. The benefits I've experienced from these practices have served me in times of need, times of bliss, & times of growth. These practices allow me to experience life with a higher vibrating energy, overall elevating my experience of life, and the ceiling seems to be limitless!

Together with Xcel Fitness Spa and my company, Taylor Wellness, I hope to share these practices and share my healing journey with you, and build community.

I am an RYT-200 certified yoga teacher, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and hold a BA in environmental policy.

I teach to all ages & levels of experience."

Taylor Krug